Update! Engagement Sessions with Teacher Leadership Committee


I want to encourage you to join the Teacher Leadership Committee as they roll-out the proposed Teacher Leadership Model.  They are in need of your feedback to make sure what is proposed to the Board of Education reflects our beliefs, as a system, about teacher leadership.

The Teacher Leadership Committee was charged with creating a model for what teacher leadership roles in ECS could look like based on research and your input.  This committee was not charged with figuring out all the implementation details (schedules, salaries, etc.).  If the Board accepts their proposal, the next phase of work will be to make decisions about implementation, for probable implementation in the 2017-2018 school year.

Please plan to attend one of the following sessions to learn about the model and to be a part of this collaborative conversation.

Sessions will be held:

  • Wednesday, February 10th , 5:30-7:00PM, 3rd St. Boardroom in Eagle, snacks will be provided
  • Thursday, February 11th, 5:30-7:00PM, BMHS Lecture Hall in Edwards, snacks will be provided

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Deb Jordan says:

    Sadly, your down valley Wednesday evening session was held on Ash Wednesday.


    1. Jason Glass says:

      Sorry, Deb – as you know it’s nearly impossible to schedule things this time of year without touching something. However, I will pass on your concern to the group who arranged the meetings. I’d be interested in hearing your opinion of the proposed model as you learn more. Thanks for commenting!


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