Update! 6.16.16 – Survey Says…

I hope everyone is enjoying these beginning of summer days!  I hate to interrupt them, but I did want to make some recent survey and polling data available to you.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve gotten data on three important data pieces regarding how things are going in our schools and public opinion related to the mill levy and bond proposals.  I’m providing the analysis of all three of those for your review.

Staff Survey

This is the third year we’ve run this staff survey and the participation has grown every year.  My interpretation is that things went pretty well last year, though there are some areas where we’ll need to focus and work.

You can access the staff survey results here.

Phone/Online Poll

This survey was conducted by an outside professional polling firm and used phone and online survey collection methods.  This poll is considered “scientific” and the most valid because care was taken to randomly select respondents and to make the respondents representative of the county’s voting population.

These results indicate we’re hitting many of the right notes with our mill levy and bond proposals and they both poll positively.  However, we’ve got some work to do on the bond side to make the ultimate language simpler and more clear.

You can access the public opinion survey here.

Mail Survey

We also sent mailers out to households of registered likely voters, asking for their input on the mill levy and bond proposals.  While this survey isn’t considered scientific because of the self-selection issue, it is useful in seeing the level of support among engaged citizens and hearing what some concerns might be.

As with the Phone/Online poll, the Mail survey came back with strong positive results on both the mill levy and bond proposals.  Again, we have some more work to do on the bond to try and tighten the language.

You can access the mail survey results here.

Sorry for the interruption, but please review these at your convenience.  As always, I appreciate any feedback or thinking on these you may have.

Thank you!


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