Update – 10.02.16

Dear Colleagues,

It saddens me to inform you that Michael Cacioppo, local publisher and candidate to represent you in the Colorado House of Representatives, has printed the annual salary of several employees in his semi-regular “newspaper.”

The week before last, the district received a Colorado Open Records Request for this information from the local online blog, The Eagle County Times.  In accordance with state law, we provided the information, noting that we considered it confidential and asked that it be treated accordingly.  It appears that Mr. Cacioppo acquired the information from that request.

Mr. Cacioppo (or someone) manipulated and altered the file we sent as part of the open records request.  So, not all employees’ confidential information was printed, only those earning more than $44,830 annually.  Also, employees working at the Eagle County Charter Academy are not listed as that compensation is handled separately and is not part of the district’s payroll and accounting system.

Mr. Cacioppo did not consult with us before publication of this information or seek our input, though he certainly provided his own unfiltered commentary.

Please know that Eagle County Schools values your confidentiality.  While the data is certainly in the public domain, it should be considered in context with reasonable foresight of the invasion of privacy many employees must feel.

The mass publication of district salaries is not a new or unexpected phenomenon.  In 2011, the Eagle County Times similarly published this information.  Frankly, while I expected this to occur, I’d hoped for better for our staff.  Also, there is certainly nothing to hide about our compensation data – I only wish it reflected higher pay for our employees.

While you may certainly engage in with this issue as you see appropriate, I’d recommend that we keep our dignity – ignoring it, moving on, and continuing the good work you are doing.

If asked directly, you might speak to how you feel about the publication of this information and ask how others might feel if it were them.  I am sorry – you deserve better.

Thanks for all that you do on behalf of our kids and community.  I am always proud to be your Superintendent.






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