Negotiations Update 12.06.16

The Preliminary Agreement and the Eagle County Education Association

The negotiations team has made some clarifications to the preliminary negotiated agreement based on feedback from association members.

The preliminary negotiated agreement can be accessed here.

This agreement applies to certified employees (i.e. teachers, counselors, psychologists, etc.).  Per our Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Association will be reaching out to its membership who will be voting on this agreement today and tomorrow.

The Board of Education, approval and budgeting

The Board of Education must also approve this agreement for it to take effect.  As such, I will be meeting with them at their special meeting this Saturday to discuss this document. The Board will then consider approving it next Wednesday (12.14.16) at their regular Board meeting.  The Board must also approve a revised budget for this current fiscal year and will do that in early January.

When can I expect the money?

As was discussed in the last edition of the Communique’, the district does not have access to the funds until January and we expect to execute salary increases and any lump sum payments with the January 20th paycheck.

What about other employees?

The district has a long-standing tradition of extending the same agreement reached for teachers to other classes of employees, which we intend to continue.  There are differences that must be taken into account as the compensation system for hourly employees is (of course) different than salaried employees.  Similarly, the systems for administrators are different than teachers.

As such, we are crafting equivalent packages for support staff (hourly employees) and administration (principals, directors), designed to increase pay equitably to what certified staff will receive.  Senior district administration (administrators who are part of my leadership team) are not eligible to receive any compensation changes through 3A funds.

When can I expect to know more?

Next week, after the vote from the Board of Education, I will be updating you with more detail and communication about these compensation increases and how they will positively impact employees.

Until then, I appreciate your patience as we navigate the important and necessary steps to make these pay changes (which are easily the largest Eagle County Schools’ employees have ever received) a reality.  Until then, please feel free to contact me directly with questions.



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